GLOBAL SERVICES is a private and independent company now has a fleet of thirty or forty tractors and semi-trailers through long-term partners and comfortable own resources. The company has recently acquired, always with the aim of penetrating the market specialized equipment suitable for specific markets.

The transport activity revolves around two management modes namely:

  • Making short and long term provision;
  • Making short and long-term funds;

The ultimate goal in this area is to continue to acquire and renovate the park equipment to align as closely as possible technological developments in the field. The various transport hubs are:

  • Road transport containers

We are available to our guests a favorable environment for containerized transport their goods with suitable material (container 20 'and 40')

  • Conventional road transport

Can be defined as consisting of conventional transport goods that are transported or in containers, or in rolling loads. This is usually bagged products (food, agricultural)

  • Abnormal road transport

This is the transport in terms of weight and dimensions of a non-compliant with the requirements of the Highway Traffic Act. GLOBAL SERVICES has adequate equipment and a wide network of partners developed in the country, we are able to transport your goods by transport truckload or truckload transportation in all major areas of Cameroon.

  • The tracking of our vehicles for reliability monitoring of your cargo